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The Ultimate Collectibles. Connecting Athletes, celebrities, and artists with supporters and fans.

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Unique Sports Cards, Collectibles, Art, 
One of A Kind Experiences, and
so much more.

Our "DROP" May 28, 2022

at the NFT Street Fair


Sports Cards, Collectibles & Art

Providing a world-class experience for athletes from all industries, including football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, and more. Whether the athlete is looking to create a series of digital cards, a limited edition set, or a combination between physical items and digital cards, the team at NFTs by Athletes is here to help guide players through the process from start to finish.

Digital Products, Sports Cards, and more For Athletes

The ultimate in sports collectibles and experiences. Developed to help professional athletes, artists,s and celebrities to elevate their brands, leverage their networks, and generate revenues. NFTs By Athletes will deliver unique experiences, special edition sports cards, one-of-a-kind autographed items, and much more.

NFTs By Athletes
Unlike traditional sports cards that can get bootlegged, digital sports cards created through NFTs are securely minted on the blockchain. What makes the blockchain so important is it keeps track of ownership and authenticity for that specific item. Ensuring that each card is unique and official. Whether the NFT project is a digital sports card or a digital photo, NFTs allow users to profit from the sale of their art, in addition to collecting a royalty on future transactions. With that being said, it also allows athletes to monetize their name, image, and likeness to create rare sports memorabilia through the blockchain. 

NFTs By Athletes NFT Utilities:

 All of our NFTs offer unique access for our NFT project owners: To our private VIP events such as the NFTs By Athletes Annual Super Bowl week events, access to meet and greets with our athletes, artist, and creatives, exclusive in-person and virtual events, membership in our private marketplaces, access to digital and physical fashion and goods, such as autographed sports collectibles, and NFTs usable in the metaverse.

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